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Today's Date is

4 Jumada I, 1439
January 21st, 2017

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 Weekly Programs

Jumuaah Prayer:
The first Jumuaah starts at 12:15 p.m. and the second Jumuaah starts at 1:30 p.m.
Weekly lecture
After Isha prayer in the lecture hall.
SNL Program
The weekly youth program, after Isha prayer.
Weekly Khateerah
After Isha prayer with Sheikh Amin Al Ali in the Masjid.
Seerah Lecture
Tuesday after Isha prayer with Sheikh Amin Al Ali in the Masjid.
Tafseer Lecture
after Isha prayer with Sheikh Amin Al Ali in the Masjid.
Arabic Class
Tuesday between Asr and Maghrib prayer with Abdullah Alrashed.

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The ICCI organizes a lot of activities and events throughout the year.

Tarbiyah program:

  • Weekly gathering with Sheikh Amin Al Ali or a guest speaker.

  • Monthly lecture in English with Br. Faisal Hammoudah

  • Quran competition, Deen competition, cultural competition and distribution of different Religious brochures.

  • The ICCI and Wright college work together to offer ESL classes every Saturday for our community.

  • There is an Arabic class for brothers and another one for sisters every Tuesday.

  • Monthly newsletter الرسالة to keep our community in touch with the Masjid.

  • Social gatherings in the center and outside

  • The guests who have visited our center are:
    Sheikh Abdel Hameed Al Bilali
    Sheikh Muhammad Al Imam
    Sheikh Abdel Rai'oof Al Khawaldi
    Dr. Mohamad Qatanani
    Sheikh Ziyad Hamdan
    Dr. Osama Abu Irshid
    Samy Daraysa
    Dr. Salah Alsawi
    Dr. Ibraheem Zidan
    Dr. Abdel Atheem El Siddig
    Dr. Abdelraheem Al Ansari
    Dr. Abdelgawad Konsouh
    Dr. Main Al Qudah
    Dr. Abdelrahman Al Tammami
    Dr. Ahmed Shukri
    Sheikh Ahmad Abou Saif
    Sheikh Nadi Kishik
    Sheikh Yusuf Estes
    Dr. Sabeel Ahmad
    Mohammad Abbasi
    Ahmed Shehata
    Dr. Muhammd Asharif
    Dr. Amjad Quourshah
    Dr. Othman Othman
    Dr. Manaf Kataneh
    Dr. Khaled Falah
    Dr. Hasan Abu Nar
    Dr. Ammar Abughudah
    Osamah Jammal
    Dr. Ahmed Mirza
    Dr. Abdelmawjood Addardiri
    Dr. Sabri Samirah
    Dr. Mohamed Elnatour
    Sheikh Amer Caus
    Lauren Booth
    Terry Holdbrooks
    Ayman Fareh 

  • The guests who gave the Jumuaah khutbahs are:
    Dr. Abdelgawad Konsouh

    Dr. Abdallah Marouf
    Sheikh Abdelfattah Mourou
    Dr. Ahmed Shukri
    Dr. Hatem Bazian
    Dr. Osama AbuIrshaid
    Sheikh Salah Alsawi
    Dr. Ismael Al Jariwi
    Dr. Main Al Qudah
    Dr. Omar Shahin
    Dr. Osama Addiri
    Imam Amer Caus
    Mohammad Abbassi
    Dr. Mazen Mokhtar
    Dr. Sabri Samirah
    Abderrahman Mohamed Tafa
    Abdallah Arrachidi
    Mohammed Shirazi
    Sheikh Mustafa Miftah
    Dr. Mohamed Elnatour
    Sheikh Jafar Hawwa
    Faisal Hammoudah
    Mohammad Azzahrani
    Abdurahman Hajji
    Osamah Jammal
    And many more

Youth Program:

  • Qiyam ul-layl

  • Swimming was offered at Bolingbrook park district

  • Volley ball and basket ball took place at Park Ridge district

  • Tennis tournament

  • ICCI and MAS youth organized a camp in Milwaukee

  • For Muslim Action Day, the ICCI youth and adults went to Springfield, Illinois

  • Our youth have their weekly activity twice a week.

  • Our youth participated in cleaning the streets, in coordination with the 36th Award.

Summer events:

  • Over the summer, we had two community picnics, two fun fairs and Eid carnival.

Outreach program:

  • As part of our outreach program, a Catholic group visited us. We gave them a tour of our community center and we told them about Islam. We also returned the visit to them.

  • We had an Interfaith Program and an Open Mosque Day.

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